Carbon Express

Mission Statement

Carbon Express, Inc. Mission Statement


The Mission of Carbon Express is to provide liquid bulk transportation services to our customers in the safest, most efficient and most economical manner possible. Our goal is nothing less than to be the Number One liquid bulk carrier in the industry. At Carbon Express we realize that we offer not a commodity but a service and that our customers are the lifeblood of our existence.


Our number one priority at Carbon Express is Safety — the safety of our people, our customers and the general public. We provide our employees with a comprehensive training program and retrain them at regular scheduled intervals. We were at the forefront of purchasing and utilizing Electronic On-Board Recorders in our fleet as a safety measure for our employees. We eliminated sleeper cabs and lodge our lay-over drivers in hotels to ensure they have proper, quality sleep and break periods. We believe that a well-rested driver is a safe driver. We are proud of our Safety Program and we have a Zero Tolerance policy towards unsafe actions. We are also proud of our excellent CSA scores and believe they truly reflect the emphasis we place on Safety.


We strive for perfect service and we track our Service Levels daily. We treat each service failure as a serious matter and investigate each incident to determine Root Cause and Corrective Action. Our goal is to treat every customer both external and internal with dignity, courtesy and respect. Our intention is to add innovative and value added services to our portfolio and we are proud of the fact that we are able to carry more weight than most of our competitors. We recognize our responsibility to the community at large and we strive to be a "green" company. We feel strongly that by carrying more weight per load, reducing trips and maintaining our fleet we are successfully contributing to the effort to reduce fuel usage as well as the effort to reduce the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


Carbon Express strives to be a responsible employer by maintaining policies that are based upon fundamental fairness, employee accountability and dignity and respect for each and every employee. We foster a family atmosphere that attempts to make each employee feel like a valued member of the Carbon Express team. We believe working together as team enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers at the lowest possible cost.