Carbon Express

Our People

Carbon Express realizes that people are our most important asset. At Carbon Express taking care of our people is practiced not preached. It's in the very air we breathe.


We realize that EVERY position in our Company has purpose and value. From the
bottom to the top of our organization we treat each other with dignity and respect. InOur People addition Carbon Express is a family based organization and we operate like a family. We address each other on a first name basis and we leave fancy titles and positions at the door. From the beginning of the day until the day's end we're all Carbon Express people with the same goal of providing perfect service to our customers in the most effective and efficient way possible. We operate as a team- we're successful as a team and we work through any issues we may have as a team. Our Management team practices an 'Open Door' policy- if you have something on your mind- come on in- sit down and let's talk about it. No problem is unsolvable when people truly care about each other- like family members do.


Our allegiance and commitment to our people has enabled us to assemble and retain a group of talented and experienced people in our Management and Operations Staff. We have a diverse group of leaders whom we believe are well versed and prepared to lead us through the hurdles of today as well as the challenges of tomorrow.


We take tremendous pride in our employees who are on the front line- our Carbon Express drivers. These are the folks who are out on the highways and byways in all types of conditions. Our drivers are the folks who are out in front serving our customers. Carbon Express drivers are among the most qualified and skilled in the industry and average twenty five experience. Our owner Steve Rush was a driver for many years as were some members of our Dispatch Operations Team. This affords them first-hand knowledge of exactly what our drivers experience day in and day out. Carbon Express takes pride in having one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the industry. There's a good reason our drivers stay with us-WE TAKE CARE OF OUR DRIVERS BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT OUR DRIVERS.


As we move into the future we know many aspects of our business will change. But we are firm in our belief that one thing that will never change is the necessity to have top of the line, skilled and professional drivers out on the front line to serve our customers.


If you like what you hear and see we'd love to speak with you to see if you could be a part of our exciting present and future. Contact our Driver Recruiting Hotline at 862-244-4761.