Optimal Truck Fleet Age

It’s long been known that the Commercial Trucking industry is facing a driver shortage.  Research shows the average age of North American Truck Drivers is now in the range of 46-50 years of age.

In an effort to increase driver retention and entice younger drivers in this age of prioritizing health and wellness, fleets are choosing technologies that offer reduced barriers, lower physical and mental stress, and increase comfort and convenience with better seating, 360-degree visibility, intuitive dashboards, and human/machine interface.

Truck manufacturers have also started collaborating with healthcare providers to integrate electronics that monitor blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, perspiration, and more in an effort to predict health issues and offer guidance to drivers.

At Carbon Express, we take driver health seriously.  We offer hotel accommodation for long-haul trips, in addition to using electric logs to ensure you never run over your hours of service.  We’ve also implemented a relay system to limit the number of drivers doing long-haul trips.

If you’re interested in a career with Carbon Express, give our Driver Recruiting Hotline a call at 862-244-4761.  We look orward to welcoming you to our family.


Technology is everywhere, and Artificial Intelligence is certainly on the rise from analyzing dash-cam footage to improving safety. How will this impact commercial trucking?
Soon, AI can be paired with vision technology to ensure pallets are loaded properly and in the right order. With predictive maintenance, we will be able to analyze driver behaviors in real time, which will allow forecasting of accurate shipping volumes and planning for future performance.

We’re all familiar with Alexa and Cortana and the ways they help automate our homes. Voice-activated technologies will be put to use in the trucking arena as well. I.D. Systems has created Lucy, a voice-activated system that allows users to get information from the fleet’s asset and cargo database without manually pulling reports. She is able to access detailed in-transit reporting and real-time status and analytics.

Last year Geodis launched Neptune, which uses real-time coordination of transport activity, reporting and analysis, and document archiving. This allows haulers and customers to manage activities from a single platform in minutes.

There’s no telling how technology will advance in the future, but we do know that staying current and on top of new developments is the only way to stay ahead.

Thinking Green – The Future of Electric Commercial Trucking

While it won’t be mainstream for several years, electric-powered commercial trucks are in our future. They’ll be cleaner and easier to operate and maintain than the current diesel models we see everywhere today.

Electrification will significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs, making it the logical next step. One current drawback is the weight of the batteries in an industry where load weight matters greatly. Operating cost saving paired with steadily decreasing prices of electric batteries will be an important factor. Europe is expected to adapt to these changes faster than the US as they have stricter environmental regulations and higher fuel costs.

Volvo, DAF, VDL Group, Cummins, Freightliner, and Peterbilt have already taken steps to electrify their smaller commercial trucks. For 2019, Interact estimates global sales of 163,000 light-duty electrified trucks, 12,250 medium-duty trucks, and just over 3,500 heavy-duty trucks.

There will need to be heavy advances in range and recharging before electric can take over the commercial trucking market, but with continued advances in cleaner energy, we will get there.
We at Carbon Express take steps to Think Green with our Green Fleet. We’ve worked hard to reduce the weight of our trucks, allowing us to haul more products with fewer trucks, less fuel, and lower emissions.

If you’re interested in joining our team, give us a call at 973.328.0050 or visit our website to download an application.

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Employee Spotlight – Todd Stine In His Own Words

I have been a professional driver for 19 years now, and have been driving for Carbon Express for the last 9 years. With ten years of experience pulling flatbed trailers over the road, I decided I wanted to try a new challenge in my career. When the flatbed company LJ Kennedy closed their doors as a result of the recession of 2008, I had the opportunity to try a different segment of the trucking industry.

I worked at 2 different companies pulling 53′ van trailers for a few months, but I didn’t like sitting in the seat waiting on loading and unloading. I like to be more physically involved and active when I’m not behind the wheel, so I decided to give tanks a try. After a few weeks at Carbon Express, I loved the tank work as well as working for a smaller company where everybody knows everybody. I enjoy being involved in the loading and unloading by using pumps, hoses, and compressed air, I like being active between long periods of driving, and I especially love that Carbon Express puts us in hotels on the nights we don’t make it home. Also, they are great with giving me the time off I need when I’m volunteering as a coach for Special Olympics.

Pulling tanks is better than flatbeds because there is no worry of loads shifting, moisture damaged loads, tarping in the wind, nor the incredible loading detention delays at steel mills. My famous quote I mentioned at a NTTC conference is “Once a tanker yanker, always a tanker yanker.”

After several great years with the company with a flawless safety record, my safety director encouraged me to try out for the America’s Road Team. I was skeptical at first, but I’m very glad I took the time to do the lengthy application process and video. I was picked as a finalist and won the selection process on my first try, which is very rare. Most road team captains make it after several application submissions. As an America’s Road Team Captain, I serve as an ambassador to the trucking industry by going to trucking events and speaking in public sharing my experiences in the trucking industry. I also take a tractor trailer into schools and teach students about blind spots and the dangers of distracted driving. One of my most memorable experiences with America’s Road Team is when we took two tractor trailers onto the south lawn of the White House and got the opportunity to meet President Donald Trump.

Carbon Express encourages, and I enjoy taking part in, the Truck Driving Championships. I’ve competed twice in Pennsylvania in the tank truck division, of course, and took home trophies both times.

I was named as NTTC Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year. It took several attempts to win this and I was chosen as one of 8 finalists twice for this prestigious award. After 9 years and nearly a million accident free miles with Carbon Express, I found a great company to stay with until retirement.